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Nest-Egg At Amerisal Financial we work hard to empower clients to take control, plan, and manage their finances. Assisting individuals and families to develop a secure vision of their future and a realistic strategy to work towards it, we help clients align their goals and financial decisions to accommodate major life milestones including buying a home, paying for college, enjoying retirement, and other life transitions such as divorce, family assistance, and elder care.

Simplify your life, protect your dreams, pursue your goals!

Financial Planning:

Discovery Process:   Analyze the present situation in terms of assets, liabilities, and cash flow for monthly expenses and obligations.
Knowledge & Tracking:  Where is your money going? Establish a budget with a timetable of bills that includes automated payments, average amounts due, and salary pay dates/amounts. Is consolidation possible or needed? Are cutbacks necessary to meet savings targets?
Credit Card Debt:  Scrutinize the type of debt and amounts carried, along with the interest rate charged for each, then prioritize payments towards reducing or eliminating the most costly. We will look at what options are available to reduce overall debt and improve credit scores.
Understanding Goals and Values:  Are your investments in line with all of your desires? Do the priorities and timing match up? Are you investing in line with your beliefs? Short and long-term financial goals empower you going forward.
Be Prepared:  What’s coming next in your life? Plan for it! Create peace of mind by having enough in savings, investments, and insurance to reduce the stress of major life events as well as those that are unforeseen.
Education:  Understand the parts of the equation so you are empowered to take control of your finances.

lightbulb dollarFor those in Divorce Transition:

Uncover the Financial Picture so everything is known to both parties. Budget for & Understand the Process Prepare for Legal Appointments Establish a Plan for Today and for Moving Forward into the Future.

 Golden Rules for financial security:

Eliminate Debt – Control Spending – Insure Assets
Increase Savings – Secure Retirement

Lucia was featured in the May issue of Portland Monthly, named as one of 3% of advisors in Oregon ‘2015 Five Star Wealth Manager’ for providing exceptional service to clients. You can now view the online version of this article at: